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From: Arsenio Cesista
Subject: Octave/Win32
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 23:49:06 -0700 (PDT)

I downloaded the Octave 2.9.9(+) installer for Windows
and tried running the demo odepkg_equations_lorenz on
my 1.6Ghz Pentium M laptop (Win XP).  I got this error
below.  Am I doing something wrong?  


octave.exe:1> demo odepkg_equations_lorenz
odepkg_equations_lorenz example 1:

 A = odeset ('InitialStep', 1e-3, 'MaxStep', 1e-1);
 [t, y] = ode78 (@odepkg_equations_lorenz, [0 25], [3
15 1], A);

 subplot (2, 2, 1); grid ('on'); plot (t, y(:,1),
'-b;f_x(t);', ...
    t, y(:,2), '-g;f_y(t);', t, y(:,3), '-r;f_z(t);');
 subplot (2, 2, 2); grid ('on'); plot (y(:,1), y(:,2),
'-b;f_{xyz}(x, y);');
 subplot (2, 2, 3); grid ('on'); plot (y(:,2), y(:,3),
'-b;f_{xyz}(y, z);');
 subplot (2, 2, 4); grid ('on'); plot3 (y(:,1),
y(:,2), y(:,3), ...
    '-b;f_{xyz}(x, y, z);');

 % The upper left subfigure shows the three results of
the integration over
 % time. The upper right subfigure shows the force f
in a two dimensional
 % (x,y) plane as well as the lower left subfigure
shows the force in the
 % (y,z) plane. The three dimensional force is plotted
in the lower right
 % subfigure.

odepkg_equations_lorenz example 1: failed
error: __do_legend__: expecting properties to be a

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