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The save command?

From: Steve C. Thompson
Subject: The save command?
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 10:50:42 -0700

Dear group,

I remember hearing people on this list talk about the save command and
Matlab compatibility.  I used to issue,

  save -ascii 'result.dat' a_matrix_of_data

But now I'm using

  save -text 'result.dat' a_matrix_of_data

the only difference being -text versus -ascii.  I thought I remember
folks (and Octave itself) saying -text is recommended for Matlab
compatibility.  However, a friend of mine ran my code, that has the
second command above, and Matlab returned in error.

I don't have a copy of Matlab.  Does anyone know what it wants and more
importantly, does anyone know what I can do to better ensure
compatibility in this area?


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