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How compile Qtoctave in a Mac

From: Javier Arantegui
Subject: How compile Qtoctave in a Mac
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 09:30:58 +0100


Yesterday I installed Qtoctave 0.3.3 in my iMac G5. This is what I did
(+/-). My knowledge about compiling is extremly limited, that means
that probably this is not the best way to do it but in my case it
worked. Because my lack of knowledge I have tried to describe all the

0. Install the development tools of Mac OS X. Install Octave, Gnuplot,
Aquaterm, etc. using Fink. Finally, download and install QT for Mac
(GPL version), not the QT/X11 available at Fink.

1. Download and unzip the file 'qtoctave-0.3.3.tar.gz'.

2. Open a Terminal and go to the directory/folder where I unzip the tar.gz

3. Go to the qtoctave directory ('cd qtoctve')

4. Type 'qmake -project'

5. 'qmake'

6. Open the file 'qtoctave.xcodeproj', created by the previous qmake step.

7. Because Octave has been installed using Fink its location is in
/sw, so I thought that the best place to install qtoctave was /sw too.
It seems that in 'config.h' some paths are hardcoded. I opened
config.h double-clicking on it in the Xcode window. I did the
following changes:

#define HELP_PATH "/sw/share/qtoctave/octave_doc/octave.html"

#define ICON_PATH "/sw/share/qtoctave/"

#define QTOCTAVE_HELP_PATH "/sw/share/qtoctave/qtoctave_doc/index.html"

#define CONFIG_PATH "/sw/share/qtoctave/"

8. After that I built qtoctave using the Build icon.

9. If the compiling process is succesful, you will get a new object in
the qtoctave folder called 'qtoctave'. Open the packet using
Ctrl+click. Go to 'Contents -> MacOS' and move the file 'qtoctave' to
the 'qtoctave' directory.

10. In the Terminal: 'cd ../widgetserver'

11. Repeat the same compiling process for widgetserver that you did
with qtoctave: 'qmake -project'

12. 'qmake'

13. Double click on 'widgetserver.xcodeproj' and bluid it.

14. Open the packet 'widgetserver', go to 'Contents -> MacOS' and copy
the file 'widgetserver' to the folder 'widgetserver"

15. 'cd ../qtoctave' in the Terminal

16. 'sudo mkdir -p /sw/share/qtoctave/'

17. 'sudo cp -Rv images /sw/share/qtoctave/'

18. 'sudo cp -Rv octave_doc qtoctave_doc  menus config.rc /sw/share/qtoctave/'

19. 'cd ..'

20. 'sudo cp widgetserver/widgetserver /sw/bin//'

21. 'sudo cp -Rv widgetserver/doc/tutorial/html/*.html
widgetserver/doc/tutorial/html/*.png /sw/share/qtoctave/qtoctave_doc/'

And that's all, if I remembered all the steps correctly. To run the
program, just type 'qtoctave in a Terminal.

Best regards,


Javier Arántegui
Dept. Tecnologia de Alimentos / Dept. of Food Technology
Universitat de Lleida / University of Lleida (Spain)

Tel. +34 973702595
Fax  +34 973702596
IM: Jabber - javier.arantegui (AT)

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