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Re: QtOctave for Mac OSX

From: Samuel H. Dupree, Jr.
Subject: Re: QtOctave for Mac OSX
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 05:07:08 -0400
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Pedro Luis Lucas Rosado wrote:
Contains broken English :-)

Hi, I'm writing another Octave front-end: QtOctave.

QtOctave features:
* It makes Octave easy.
* It contains a help finder system.
* It contains dynamic help: You write and QtOctave show help about written commans.
* It deals with matrix as spreadsheets.
* WidgetServer: Creates windows from Octave easyly. WidgetServer can build windows from,
almost, any programming languaje.
* Users can create their owns menus!!

This is only a beta version, but works ok.
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I'm attempting to install QtOctave on a Mac G4 running Mac OS ver. 10.4.9. I've successfully installed Qt-4.2.3 on my system and I've downloaded the tar file for QtOctave-0.3.3. I've changed to references to Qt-1.1.1 to Qt-4.2.3 and the references to linux-g++ to macx-g++. When I run the installer script,, the installation quits with the message

                          line 7: ./install-tool/install-tool: No such file or directory

In examining the install-tool subdirectory, I observed that the file named was created.

My first question is do I need to modify line 7 in to read

                                     ./install-tool/ -qmake "$QMAKE_PROGRAM"

or should it be set to something else? Secondly, are there additional changes in either the makefiles or the installation procedure to build QtOctave for Mac OSX?

Sam Dupree.

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