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From: Lukas Richterek
Subject: Animation
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007 21:01:38 +0100
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Dear Octave user's,

allow me to ask the following question which I cannot find in the list
archive or in the Internet.

Is it possible to use octave for a simple animation (WITHOUT exporting plots
as images and arranging them into e.g. a gif file)? Typically, I mean
by gradually adding new parts of a trajectory curve to an existing
plot with a "moving point" (filled circle or something like that) at the end.
I attach my primitive (not optimized) example, which is only partly doing
what I would want. 

Thank You very much for any help, example or hint!

Lukas Richterek

Department of Experimental Physics 
Fac. Nat. Sciences, Palacky University
17. listopadu 50, Olomouc, 772 00 
C z e c h   R e p u b l i c
tel.: +420-585 634 103
fax:  +420-585 225 737                
mobile: +420-728 215 241
e-mail: address@hidden       /|||\  ( o|o )
----------------------------------- \ u / 

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