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[Fwd: Some information.]

From: garrett williams
Subject: [Fwd: Some information.]
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2007 13:22:58 -0700
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John Eaton said I should send this information to you.
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On  7-Mar-2007, garrett williams wrote:

| I am sorry to send you this email but you are the only name I could 
| find.  I do not wish to be on another mailing list at this time.
| I have just started using octave.  In my trail of installing it on the 
| mac I came up with another install process and thought it would be nice 
| to put in on the wiki.  I do not have access to adding any thing to the 
| wiki and currently do not have time to.  So I thought you could forward 
| this information to the proper person.
| The following are the steps that I have used to install octave on my Mac 
| 10.4
| 1. Install the development environment.
| 2. Down load fink. 
|     intel
|     power PC
| 2. install Fink. by running the dmg
|     Fink 0.8.1-PowerPC Installer.pkg
|     "drag" FinkCommander to /applications
| 3. run Fink commander.
|     /Applications/Finkcommander/FinkCommander
| 4. In the search bar upper right corner type "Octave" and then search 
| for it.  It should appear in list below.
| 5. click on Octave in list to highlight. 
| 6. click on blue + sign.  "First button in button row"  It should start 
| installing.
| 7. There is an error with the install.  repeat steps 4 - 6 searching for 
| "szip"
| 8. /Applications/Utilities/Terminal to create a shell.
| 9. in the shell type "octave"

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