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Re: How to increase the number of lines in the GNU command window?

From: Benjamin Lindner
Subject: Re: How to increase the number of lines in the GNU command window?
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2007 07:37:41 +0100

> The Grumps wrote:
> > Hi Quentin.  
> >
> > Yes I do want to increase the number of lines in the scrollback buffer
> for
> > the terminal.  I am using cygwin and I can confirm that the terminal
> > emulator is rxvt.   So your suggestion to set rxvt*saveLines should do
> it.
> > However, I am too ignorant to follow your instructions to set this.  I
> don't
> > have a .Xdefaults file already and I don't know which is the relevant
> home
> > directory.   The most relevant directory I can find is:
> >
> >      C:\Program Files\GNU Octave 2.1.73\usr\share\terminfo 
> >
> > Can you please give me any further advice?
> >   
> This is probably better answered by someone who uses the cygwin version 
> of octave regularly, but I'm guessing that you could find out the home 
> directory using the "pwd" command inside octave when you start it up.

I'm not using this distribution of octave under octave, so I do not know
about the .Xdefaults file in your setup, but you can set the number of 
lines in the scrollbuffer by specifying "-sl N" as arguments in the call
to the rxvt.exe terminal. Replace N with the number of lines in the 
buffer you would like to be saved.
Have a look at the shortcuts created by the installer, I suppose that
you call rxvt.exe with a number of arguments, and there change or add the
above metioned option


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