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Re: Octave installation problem

From: J. Vervoorst
Subject: Re: Octave installation problem
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 17:43:52 +0100

I tried to install Octave again in the last few days. When running configure
like Alexander has recommended below, I get no errors, but unfortunately I
get messages telling me that Octave can't find a number of libraries even
though they are installed.
Of course I could install Octave now, but it bugs me to no end that I have
all these things installed and they are not found. Isn't there a way to
explicitly tell Octave where the libraries are. I tried "with-umfpack",
"with-cholmod" and the like, with no luck!
What else can be done to make this workout? I really appreciate your help
and insight! Have a good New Year's! Jan

Here's the final part of the configure message:

Octave is now configured for i686-pc-linux-gnu
 Source directory:     .
 Installation prefix:  /usr/local
 C compiler:           gcc  -mieee-fp  -Wall -W -Wshadow -g -O2
C++ compiler: g++ -mieee-fp -Wall -W -Wshadow -Wold-style-cast -g -O2
 Fortran compiler:     gfortran -O -mieee-fp
Fortran aries: -L/root/../home/jave-mtr/Downloads/SuiteSparse/SuiteSparse/UMFPACK/Lib/libumfpack.a
-lz -lgfortranbegin -lgfortran -lm
BLAS libraries:/root/../home/jave-mtr/Downloads/lapack/lapack-3.1.0/lapack.a/root/../home/jave-mtr/Downloads/blas/GotoBLAS/libgoto.a
 FFTW libraries:
 GLPK libraries:
 UMFPACK libraries:
 COLAMD libraries:     -lcolamd
 CCOLAMD libraries:    -lccolamd
 CHOLMOD libraries:
 CXSPARSE libraries:   -lcxsparse
 HDF5 libraries:
 LIBS:                 -lreadline  -lncurses -ldl -lz -lm
 Default pager:        less
 gnuplot:              gnuplot

 Do internal array bounds checking:  false
 Build static libraries:             false
 Build shared libraries:             true
 Dynamic Linking:                    true (dlopen)
 Include support for GNU readline:   true
 64-bit array dims and indexing:     false

configure: WARNING: I didn't find gperf, but it's only a problem if you needto reconstruct oct-gperf.h configure: WARNING: UMFPACK not found. This will result in some lack offunctionality for sparse matrices. configure: WARNING: CHOLMOD not found. This will result in some lack offunctionality for sparse matrices. configure: WARNING: HDF5 library not found. Octave will not be able to save or load HDF5 data files. configure: WARNING: I didn't find texi2pdf, but it's only a problem if youneed to reconstruct the PDF version of the manual

----- Original Message -----
From: "Alexander Barth" address@hidden
To: "John W. Eaton" address@hidden
Cc: "J. Vervoorst" <address@hidden>; address@hidden
Sent: Sunday, December 24, 2006 2:51 PM
Subject: Re: Octave installation problem>
Jan, finally the configure line is:
./configure F77=gfortranCPPFLAGS="-I$HOME/Download/UFconfig -I$HOME/Download/AMD/Include
-I$HOME/Download/UMFPACK/Include -I$HOME/Download/CHOLMOD/Include 
-I$HOME/Download/CCOLAMD -I$HOME/Download/CXSparse/Source "LDFLAGS="-L$HOME/Download/AMD/Lib
-L$HOME/Download/UMFPACK/Lib -L$HOME/Download/CHOLMOD/Lib 
-L$HOME/Download/CCOLAMD -L$HOME/Download/CXSparse/Source -lg2c -lpthread" --enable-shared
--enable-dl --disable-static --prefix=$HOME/local64/octave-2.9.9> 

If you still have problems to install octave, can you send us the fileconfig.log and the error
messages you are seeing?

 Alexander Barth

 Ocean Circulation Group
 University of South Florida
 College of Marine Science
 140 Seventh Avenue South
 St. Petersburg, Florida  33701

 Phone: +1-727-553-3508     FAX:   +1-727-553-1189


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