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Re: Octave installation problem

From: J. Vervoorst
Subject: Re: Octave installation problem
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 18:35:08 +0100

John and all other members,
I'm still wondering what exactly you mean by your comment below! You talk
about a Fortran interface, am I missing this in my setup? From what I
understand the difference between cheev and cheev_ comes from Fortran
appending an underscore to an interface name. I'm trying to figure out
what's going wrong here and what I need to do to get this problem straightened
out! Thanks again for the help, Jan

----- Original Message ----- From: "John W. Eaton" <address@hidden>
To: "J. Vervoorst" <address@hidden>
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Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2006 4:23 AM
Subject: Re: Octave installation problem

On 21-Dec-2006, J. Vervoorst wrote:

| Hi,
| thanks for the help! I solved the first problem, readline-devel is
| installed! I also installed GotoBLAS and LAPACK and SuiteSparse, but
when I
| try to configure octave now, it runs into several problems:
| - it can't find the function 'cheev_' in lapack.a. Well, it isn't there,
| only 'cheev'! What's going on there, do I need a different lapack
| This is lapack-3.1.0
| - Furthermore, it says it can't find UMFPACK, COLAMD, CCOLAMD, CHOLMOD,
| CXSpares, ZLIB. I found some info on the mailing list on how to fix
| but I have no idea what's going on with 'cheev_'!
| Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jan

Octave is written to use a Fortran interface to lapack and blas.


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