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Re: Excluding elements of a matrix

From: antonio palestrini
Subject: Re: Excluding elements of a matrix
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 01:02:47 +0100

2006/12/19, Joseph Wakeling <joseph.wakeling at>:
Thanks to all for useful replies.

How feasible would it be to implement a simple syntax for something like
this in a future version of Octave, along the lines of,

a(\6)   [i.e. a excluding element 6]

A(:,\[5 7])    [matrix A excluding columns 5 and 7]

... inspired by set notation?

If you have to work with this kind of data manipulations the best
thing to do, in my opinion, is to write a function like the following
for the matrix example (the vector one may be constructed analogously)

function B = del_columns(A,q)

incidentally, if you remember to put row vectors in the function
you can use "del_columns" even to delete elements of vectors.
I'm lazy I know :-)


Prof. Antonio Palestrini
DSGSS - University of Teramo, Italy
e-mail: address@hidden

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