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Re: Octave download statistics

From: Javier Fernández
Subject: Re: Octave download statistics
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 19:45:35 +0100
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J. Brian Adams wrote:
The single recurring  problem is an objection to using it by a minority of the CS  students.  Although they have never used it before, for some reason  they immediately consider it a toy language and thus do not want to  be bothered learning it.  Most do though, and of those, several have  commented about being glad to be able use it in other classes and  even later when they begin research in graduate school.
Moler himself had the very same problem when introducing his new brand "Mat-Lab" software. Particularly, he noticed that CS students didn't like it, but engineering students did. That was in 1979. Some things don't change easily :-)
(last big paragraph, after the Tektronix 4081, 1978)


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