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Re: Octave download statistics

From: Shai Ayal
Subject: Re: Octave download statistics
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 21:17:32 +0200
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Well, I guess this is going to be one of the mysteries we will learn to live with .... Maybe a clue is the 7904 downloads of octave-forge 2006-07-10 listed on sourceforge. This number suffers all the limitation you cite, but still, I think this means octave has at least several 10,000's of users


John W. Eaton wrote:
On 13-Dec-2006, Shai Ayal wrote:

| Are there download totals for octave?

How would you get this?  I would guess most people using Octave now
are using binary distributions (various Linux, OS/X, and Cygwin
distributions).  There are many mirrors and ways to get these
packages, so how would you count them all?

Also, do you count each download as a user?  Maybe one download is
used by tens or hundreds.  Maybe the package is installed but never
used.  Maybe someone downloads just to look at the sources.

I no longer keep the log files at now since I don't
think that whatever number I would get from looking at the logs would
mean much anyway.


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