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Re: A simple GUI

From: Søren Hauberg
Subject: Re: A simple GUI
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2006 21:14:28 +0100
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David Bateman skrev:
In an oct-file why not something like
> [some good code]
Thanks David, your code worked just fine. I was however able to do it in an m-file using popen (I tried that earlier but it didn't work because I was missing some endlines).

So, now there's a functional wrapper around zenity in octave-forge CVS. It contains the following GUI creation functions:
  * zenity_file_selection   (a graphical file selection window)
  * zenity_notification     (puts an icon in the notification area)
  * zenity_calendar         (a date selection window)
  * zenity_list             (some weird window for listing data)
  * zenity_progress         (a progress bar (waitbar))
  * zenity_entry            (a text entry window)
  * zenity_message          (a message window)
  * zenity_text_info        (a window for displaying large texts)

To use the functions you need the "zenity" command line tool, that comes with the GNOME desktop. I think most Linux system has zenity.


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