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hyperg_0F1 doesn't work

From: Torben Mikael Hansen
Subject: hyperg_0F1 doesn't work
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 00:50:36 +0100
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I alread posted this on the octave-dev list but it doesn't seem vary active so 
I'll repost it here. Sorry, if you receive it twice.

I have built   and installed octave 2.9.9 and octave-forge 2006.07.09 (also
called 2006-07-10) and tried to use the "hyperg_0F1" function. However it
seems not to be installed.

the "gsl_sf.oct" seems to be build correctly

nm /usr/lib/octave/site/oct/api-v22/i686-suse-linux/octave-forge/gsl_sf.oct\

 | grep hyperg

00011860 T FShyperg_0F1_gnu_v3
         U gsl_sf_hyperg_0F1
         U gsl_sf_hyperg_0F1_e
00058950 T _Z11Fhyperg_0F1RK17octave_value_listi

Looking at the build.log seems to me a bit strage, but honestly I don't
 really understand it. It seems that the octlink's for gsl are processed
 before the "gsl_sf.oct" is built. Is that the correct order?

"coupling_3j", "coupling_6j",  "coupling_9j" are there, but they also have
their own cc-file.


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