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Trouble with "imshow"

From: Ian Faulconbridge
Subject: Trouble with "imshow"
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 22:51:20 +1000


I am trying to display an image using Octave's "imshow" command. The image is in the form of a 145x145x3 matrix (let's call it x) representing a 145x145 pixel RGB image. When I say:

imshow(x) where x is the matrix, I get the first 15 columns correctly displayed and the rest of the image is a constant colour.

The weird thing is that I have successfully viewed different 15x15 pixel segments of the image to test my values. It all seems to work fine when I limit the image in this way, but when I try to view the entire image, I only get the first 15 columns followed by a constant colour.

Any ideas?


Ian Faulconbridge
mobile:  0411707064

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