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RE: Cost of Octave

From: Czauz Kamil
Subject: RE: Cost of Octave
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 11:54:03 -0400

I think the length of time seems right about right, but the cost is, by
far, too low. 

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Subject: Re: Cost of Octave

John W. Eaton wrote:

>On 21-Jul-2006, Javier Arantegui wrote:
>| Hello,
>| If we wanted to write Octave, how much would it cost us? According to

>|, we would need $700,516 and 13 man years:
>| That's a lot of money and effort!
>| To put the data in perspective, the estimated cost of Maxima is 
>| $1,089,624 and the cost of Gnuplot is $1,170,857:
>I think these numbers are quite low.
John, the octave number only includes octave-forge and doesn't even
include the m-files of octave-forge as far as I can see. So I expect the
real octave number is probably almost an order of magnitude higher if
octave and octave-forge are included..


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