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LOADPATH ignored (2.9.6)

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: LOADPATH ignored (2.9.6)
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 01:48:35 -0400

On 14-Jul-2006, Austin Lund wrote:

| I don't know if the 2.9.* versions are supported, but I thought I would 
| ask anyway.  I seem to have the problem that my LOADPATH variable is 
| ignored.  This makes running octave-forge pretty hard.  I have:
| octave:5> LOADPATH
| LOADPATH = /home/lund/octave-forge/oct:/home/lund/octave-forge//:
| and as a test I put a script called test1.m in the octave-forge directory:
| octave:12> pwd
| /home/lund/octave-forge
| octave:13> ls test1.m
| test1.m
| Then:
| octave:14> cd
| octave:15> test1
| error: `test1' undefined near line 15 column 1
| Has the usage of LOADPATH changed?  Should I be setting a different 
| variable for 2.9.6.  I have gcc 3.4.5 (old I know) and complied with the 
| patch as per advertised on the webpage.  Does this break

Please read the NEWS file that is distributed with 2.9.6.


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