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Multi-threaded optimal interpolation module for octave

From: Alexander Barth
Subject: Multi-threaded optimal interpolation module for octave
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 09:46:14 -0400
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Hi all,

I wrote a Fortran 90 module performing a n-dimensional local optimal interpolation. The optimal interpolation allows to interpolate arbitrarily located observations to a regular grid using a background field as first guess. It can be used as an alternative to griddata. The optimal interpolated module can be called from Octave using a C++ wrapper.

I was able to create a working oct-file with gfortran, g95, Intel Fortran Compiler (free as in beer) and PGI Compiler (commercial) . Unfortunately, gfortran version 4.0 doesn't work but version 4.1 works fine.

It is also possible to use multiple CPUs during the optimal interpolation in octave if the Fortran code is compiled with OpenMP support enabled. This works with the Intel and PGI compilers. OpenMP support for GCC is planned for version 4.2.

Instructions and the source code can be found at:

Suggestions are very welcome.



 Alexander Barth

 Ocean Circulation Group
 University of South Florida
 College of Marine Science
140 Seventh Avenue South St. Petersburg, Florida 33701

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