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profiler and/or debugger, loops vs vectorization

From: David Grohmann
Subject: profiler and/or debugger, loops vs vectorization
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 15:54:36 -0500
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So I have some code that runs in matlab (on a P3 500 mhz 512 MB ram windows box) about 133 times faster (33 minutes to complete something instead of 15 seconds) than it does in octave( on a 4 processor 3.6 ghz xeon machine with an ungodly amount of ram linux box). my guess is that it is the use of loops and not vectorization.

Is such a large performance hit likely caused by loops vs vectorization or might there be another explanation besides that?

I've searched online and haven't found anything to profile m files with, other than in matlab. I have profiled it in matlab and sure enough it does run the lines in the loops many (hundreds of thousands of times) times but only one of the loops actually takes up a lot of run time. This would probably be a good candidate for vectorizing. I suspect.

So is there anything out there for profiling or stepping through code in an m file in octave?

I know I haven't posted the offending code, that is because I currently don't have the authorization to do that. So my general question is how do people profile their code and what not. I'm not asking you to fix my code for me.

Thank you for any help you provide,

David Grohmann
Senior Student Associate
Applied Research Lab : UT Austin : ESL - S206
Office: 512-835-3237

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