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Re: fread(fid,16,'*char') error

From: David Grohmann
Subject: Re: fread(fid,16,'*char') error
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 15:11:18 -0500
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David Grohmann wrote:
I am running octave 2.9.6 on a 4 processor Xeon linux machine
I have this line in an m file that runs in matlab, I am in the process 
of getting it to run in octave.


Octave returns this error.

error: unable to find matching native data type for *char

But reading the documentation that octave gives for fread  this should 
be ok.
Any ideas?

It appears that changing all instances of "*char" to "char=>char" makes octave no longer complain.

Octave claims to be doing this automatically, but apparently it does not. Is this a known bug?
"The precision argument may also specify a type conversion. For example, `int16=>int32' causes fread to read 16-bit integer values and return an array of 32-bit integer values. By default, fread returns a double precision array. The special form `*TYPE' is shorthand for `TYPE=>TYPE'."

David Grohmann
Senior Student Associate
Applied Research Lab : UT Austin : ESL - S206
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Cell: 210-861-6882

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