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Re: Windows; Invoking Octave

From: Paul Kienzle
Subject: Re: Windows; Invoking Octave
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 21:27:02 -0400

On 6/20/06, Reidar Strand Hagen <address@hidden> wrote: Hi

I'm using Octave on windows, and am trying to communicate with it from
Python.. whether accomplished through pipes, or simply providing a
script for octave to run is of no importance, although I would like to
somehow catch stdout in case of error-messages.. and certainly don't
want to have the GUI flash up for simply running a script.

Previously, I did this with an older Octave version without support
for Nd-arrays etc without problems. I don't remember which version
(nor where I found it, but it had an installer and didn't need
seperate install of cygwin, and was installed to ~\GNU Octave without
versionnumbering),  However, after switching to octave-2.1.73-0 from
Octave-forge can't seem to communicate with Octave in any way except
manually through the GUI: The way Octave-forge is wrapped into cygwin
is confusing the **** out of me, so I was wondering if anybody had any

Octave-forge provides listen() which opens up a TCP/IP port to
Octave.  The documentation is in the main/miscellaneous directory
and there is an example of linking it to Tcl in the extra/soctcl
directory.  It works for me under windows, linux and mac, plus I
can use it remotely.  The protocol isn't the most convenient though,
but that could be modified.

- Paul

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