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accessing octave functions in c++

From: Prohászka Zoltán
Subject: accessing octave functions in c++
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 12:36:02 +0200

Dear Maintainers,

I work at the Technical University of Budapest, and I am 
interested to provide to our students a free, numerically stable 
library of linear algebra in c++. 
It came to our mind, that the octave source code may contain 
reliable functions for SVG,eig, roots, etc, thus we may try to simply
convert the relating parts of the octave source code into a c++ lib.
I would like to ask for your opinion, if this is a good idea to achive
our goal with minimum amount of coding, or do you know 
somebody who tried this also, or was there a topic about this on 
any octave mailing list.


Zoltan Prohaszka
Senior Lecturer

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