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Are built-in variables global?

From: Joshua Rigler
Subject: Are built-in variables global?
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 17:39:08 -0600
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OK, probably a dumb question, but like the subject line asks, are built-in variables global in scope?

The only reason I ask is that I currently have a very long-running program which periodically dumps me into debug mode via the keyboard command. Sometimes I am just too impatient to wait for the next scheduled "debug session", and I want to be able to type ctl-c to drop into debug mode on a whim. The problem is that I failed to set debug_on_interrupt before I started the program. I guess what I really want to know is whether or not I can set debug_on_interrupt at the next scheduled break point, and be confident that this built-in variable will stay set from that point forward.

FWIW, I am still running 2.1.71+forge on Fedora Core 3, self-compiled and linked to multithreadded ATLAS BLAS libraries...not exactly "off the shelf".



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