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Two superposed plots

From: Martin Senator
Subject: Two superposed plots
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 15:55:20 -0400 (EDT)

I regularly use Octave to generate high quality plots
for papers.  Now I am trying to put two separate
plots in one figure.

Plot A would use the commands, scales, titles, etc.,
that I regularly use:

        ... calculate ...
        __gnuplot_set__ terminal postscript ...
        __gnuplot_set__ output ''

        __gnuplot_set__ xrange [0:2.5]
        plot( x1, y1, '-1' \
             ,x2, y2, '+2' \
        __gnuplot_set__ output ''

and would generate curves running diagonally across
the plotting area.

Plot B is to be a simple vector polygon in an unused
corner to the plotting area showing:

        A horizontal vector in the negative x-direction
        a vertical vector in the positive y-direction
        two horizontal vectors in the positive x-direction
        equal to
        a resultant vector running from the tail of the
        first vector to the head of the fourth.
The equal horizontal and vertical scales of the vectors
are unrelated to the x- and y-scales of the other curves
(different units and ranges).

Can Octave/Gnuplot handle this?  I haven't been able to
find similar examples.
Or should I try drawing two separate plots and then
printing one on top of the other?



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