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Loading external parameters

From: Cederik León De León Acuña
Subject: Loading external parameters
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 20:41:28 -0500

Hi all:

i have an script form some calculations in octave, but y need to load an array of files, to precess it; so
i want a text-file with -for example-

"#Voltage,_ChA,_G3-1-impacto-6-6-2006.txt ";

so, my script will be capable to read the file and assing it to a named array to be usable on it;
any ideas or references on the mail-list related to this issue?


E. F. M.  Cederik L. De León Acuña
instituto de Física y Matemáticas
U. M. S. N. H.
H. E. P.
Tel: +52 (443) 312 68 45
Cel: +52 (443) 136 83 36
Morelia Michoacan
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