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Yet another Octave for OS/2 issue

From: Harbinson, Jeremy
Subject: Yet another Octave for OS/2 issue
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 11:25:17 +0200

While we are on the topic of Octave for OS/2 (it's nice to know I am not
alone.....), I noted a couple of minor issues. The first is is that in
my Octave install texinfo (used when you type 'Help xyz') is not working
properly - have other OS/2 users the same problem? 

Second, I guess that some Octave users will also be Python users so the
following may be helpful. As has been pointed the latest OS/2 build
comes with gnuplot and a version of gnupmdrv. So far as I remember the
gnupmdrv which comes with Gnuplot for OS/2 is not compatible with Octave
(ie need to use the Octave Gnupmdrv). However, at least for me, when
Python is used with the old Gnuplot module you need to use the Gnuplot
gnupmdrv as the Octave gnupmdrv does not work with Python. So I need to
start Python via a batch file which changes the path priorities. 
Al the best, 
Jeremy Harbinson 

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