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Re: Problems loading a program in octave

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: Problems loading a program in octave
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 18:21:56 -0400

On 15-Jun-2006, Joe Koski wrote:

| on 6/15/06 3:51 PM, Hayden Rampadarath at address@hidden wrote:
| > Hi,
| >   
| >  
| >   
| > I am having problems loading a program.
| >   
| > Everytime I enter 'load C:\plates\read_hayden.m'
| >   
| > I get 
| >   
| > 'error: load: C:\plates\read_hayden.m: inconsistent number of columns near
| > line 2'
| >   
| > 'error: load: unable to extract matrix size from file
| > 'C:\plates\read_hayden.m'
| >   
| >  
| >   
| > any ideas why???
| >   
| >  
|  Hayden,
| I had the same problem this morning on my Mac. It usually indicates that
| there is something wrong with the data file format. With an editor, check to
| make sure that you have the correct (DOS or UNIX) line endings. This
| morning, I had to delete some hidden characters at the end of the file, and
| then resave my data with a new blank line at the end.

But the script Hayden posted was not a data file.  It was a script
file.  So instead of loading it, you just need to make sure it is in a
directory in the LOADPATH (like the same directory where you are
running Octave; type pwd at the Octave prompt if you are not sure
where you are) and type the name of the file (without the .m):

  octave:1> read_hayden


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