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Re: at-sign in function call

From: Wolfgang Lindner
Subject: Re: at-sign in function call
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 14:45:09 +0200

David Bateman schrieb:
>>[MU, R, J] = nlinfit(k, x, @constMu, anfMu)
>>Q: what is the meaning of @?
> This is a function handle.
>>   What are your recommendations?
> use a newer version of octave..

Thank you David,

I see there is rapid progess - and I had say good bye to my brave old friend 
octave 2.1.50/win .. at least for using handles.

Please, would someone be so kind and give me a link, where I can find good 
about the concept/idea/surplus and use of 'function handle'?
Googling I get only hits about MatLAB-handles .. is that ok for octave's @?

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