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Re: speed of fread in octave

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: speed of fread in octave
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 10:21:06 +0200
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John W. Eaton wrote:

>On 13-Jun-2006, Peter Cloetens wrote:
>| We are using version 2.1.71.
>| The platform is Linux Suse 8.2 , Suse 9.0 or RHEL4 on Xeon or Opteron  
>| CPU's.
>| I didn't notice a significant difference between the different OS /  
>| cpu combinations.
>| We are calling fread inside functions and scripts, but even in its  
>| simplest form the speed difference is obvious.
>| I would not call it a bug, but a performance issue.
>| For example:
>| in octave:
>| address@hidden:PZ> fid=fopen('ref0000_0000.edf','rb');
>| address@hidden:PZ> readedfheader(fid);
>| address@hidden:PZ> tic;fread(fid,1748*2048,'uint16');toc
>| ans = 0.53232
>| in matlab:
>|  >> fid=fopen('ref0001_0000.edf','rb');
>|  >> readedfheader(fid);
>|  >> tic;fread(fid,1748*2048,'uint16');toc
>| Elapsed time is 0.049493 seconds.
>OK, I took a quick look at this.  The code that handles reading and
>data type conversion is the do_read function in src/  It
>is not optimized for the case of SKIP=0, so it calls an istream::read
>function for each value.  Optimizing the SKIP=0 case would make a nice
>project for someone who wants to help improve Octave.
Maybe you should give some more information so that someone who want to
do the modification can understand its complexity.

At the moment the code in do_read has a structure in pseudo-code like

resize the return matrix to the right size
for (;;) {
   if (is) {
      read a value
      if (skip) skip values in file
      if (swap or float_conversion) do the byte swapping and format
      resize return matrix if necessary
      insert read value into return matrix
      do is.eof() or done then break

and the change would be to make the above become something like

resize the return matrix to the right size
if (!skip) {
   get fortran_vec of return matrix cast as char
   read all required values from file
   if (swap or float_conversion) do the byte swapping and format conversion
   if didn't read necessary number of values resize return matrix
} else {
   as above

it should be as you say a fairly easy change to make as all of the
support code is already in place


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