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Octave coding

Subject: Octave coding
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2006 23:01:37 +0100

Dear all,

I would like Octave code to implement the following equation system and to plot (v) vs. time. However, I am at a complete loss how to do this. Could anyone help? I would be so, so grateful. I am under quite a bit of time pressure and haven't the time to get my Octave programming up to the heights required to do this task in time. Please don't hesitate to write back if you require any more info. I am using Octave as a module of cygwin on a Windows XP machine. I have the GNUPlot module installed as well as Cygwin.
Once again. Thank you so, so much. All the best,

v' denotes dv/dt
b' denotes db/dt
h' denotes dh/dt


// Master equation

v' = -(ina+ik+ih+il)

// ina

ina  = 0.000060*minf*(v-55)
minf = (1+exp(-(v--53.8)/3))^-1

// ik

ik  = 0.000105*b*(v--85)
b' = ((binf - b)/btau)
binf = (1+exp(-(v--54)/5))^-1
btau = (3000 * (1/(cosh((v--54)/(4*5)))))

// ih

ih  = 0.000200*h*(v--30)
h' = ((hinf - h)/htau)
hinf = (1+exp((v--76.4)/20))^-1
htau = (1/((((-2.89 * v) + -445)/(1-exp(((v+-445)/-2.89)/24.02))) + (((27.1 * v) + -1024)/(1-exp(((v+-1024)/27.1)/-17.4)))))

// Ileak

il = 0.000100*(v--70)


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