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Free Octave book in spanish (Part II)

From: Guillem Borrell Nogueras
Subject: Free Octave book in spanish (Part II)
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 13:41:46 +0100
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Hi all again!

I realize that the previous link was a bit weird.  It points to a plone site 
and there shouldn't be any problem. Just in case...

the files are now at my public_html

The TeX source needs some extra font package that may not be in tetex 
(marvosym and wasysym).  It compiles with both latex and pdflatex but it's 
designed to generate a pdf.  After running makeindex pdflatex pulls lots of 
garbage, just answer <Enter>, everything should be fine.

Note that the tex document is under a different license because it may become 
a REAL book some day.

>This seems like a strange choice. Would there be anyone interested in
>editting these notes who wouldn't know LaTeX? LaTeX is as much of a
>lingua franca in mathematical typesetting as English is in scientific
>communications. I don't know ODT, but I can't imagine that it can
>produce output nearly as beautiful as LaTeX's.

I translated the file to ODT because XML is the best format in the 
effort/result ratio.  ANYONE can edit an Open Office document and it has a 
very nice output.  The pdf conversion is amazing, it can handle pdf 1.4 
perfectly.  I'm impressed with the formula editor.  It has a latex-like 
syntax and it's really fast.

>Not only do I not know ODT, but I just realised that it's an OO.o v2
>format. You're making me download stuff from the unstable Debian
>distribution. :)

OpenOffice 2 is in testing now and so is Octave.  We're on Debian testing at 
the laboratory and everything goes flawless.  (Read the comment and forget 
it: we're making the move to Ubuntu and Kubuntu because we're tired of the 
Holy Trinity; Debian is stable, testing and unstable at the same time)

>I don't know a word of LaTeX, but I use TeXmacs (,
>nice looking documents (LaTeX quality), easier to learn and you can use it
>as interface for Octave  (!) or Gnuplot.

The latex document is too long and complicated to be handled by texmacs.  At 
the beginning it was a LyX file till I realized that the document was full of 
LaTeX hacks. Now you must edit it in plain LaTeX


Guillem Borrell Nogueras
EMAIL (personal) (CFD Lab. ETSIA)

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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