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Installation of Octave on Windows

From: Marek Malý
Subject: Installation of Octave on Windows
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 21:07:43 +0100
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does anybody know if an Octave installation package for Windows is available.

I mean, some directory with necessary files (like cygwin1.dll, wgnuplot.exe ...)
and ofcourse some install.exe or setup.exe file.

It is about year and half ago when one student told me about Gnu Octave and he brought me such windows installation package which was dirrectory with some files(probably some necessary cygwin dll's, gnuplot and octave files) and file setup.exe or install.exe ofcourse and so I installed Octave very quickly and easy on my computer. Directory "GNU Octave 2.1.50"(size 20MB , 40MB on disk) was created in my "Program Files" directory after installation. Octave Icon was created on my desktop.
Unfortunately I probably deleted that installation package and now I would
like to install it on some other computers but I can't.

I know that Windows Octave current version installation package is part of cygwin package so it is possible to install Octave simultaneously with installation of Cygwin. I know that next possibility how make Win - Octave binaries is compilation of Octave sources with help of cygwin. I only don't know if is somewhere available separate Octave installation package for Windows (current or older version) for easy and fast installation of Octave on Windows system. If somebody know about somethink what I'am looking for, I would be glad if he send me an information.

   Thank's a lot

             Marek Maly

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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