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eps Toolkit - ftell that returns a scalar? was Re: subplot

From: Neil.Francis
Subject: eps Toolkit - ftell that returns a scalar? was Re: subplot
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 12:44:29 +0800


I am doing something similar, so I tried the eps Toolkit.

But I find that there is a problem when I try to run most of the demos.
Calls to edsymbol.m fail at line 72, where it says:

nBuffer = fix(epsFileLength/bufferSize)

epsFileLength was earlier defined by:

epsFileLength = ftell(epsfile)

The problem is that ftell does not return a scalar, but a "streamoff"
type (Octave version 2.1.53), which the "/" operator does not

I'm now in search of a replacement ftell function that returns a scalar,
as I don't think there is a way to typecast streamoff to scalar (?)...


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Historically, gnuplot could not handle images (it has changed just
recently). As a result octave had to use different program to display
them. So, no, currently you cannot combine images and plots in octave
easily. You may want to look at for similar


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