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Continuous colour pm3d

From: Neil.Francis
Subject: Continuous colour pm3d
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 13:21:36 +0800

Hello again,

Another Octave/Gnuplot newbie question...

I'm trying get a Matlab-like image function working with gnuplot and I am use 
the fink binary for OS X (2.1.53 and gnuplot 3.8).  I want to display matrices 
as images where each element is a "density" which I would like colour coded.  I 
am able to do this with aquaterm (looks great!), svg, pdf and ps, but when I 
try to use a terminal like png or jpeg I get

"Error: terminal 'png' does not support continuous colours".

I am creating thousands of image files which I want to turn into Quicktime 
movies with Quicktime Pro.  Quicktime Pro can use pdf, but the pdf files that 
are created look awful, for some reason.  Quicktime can't use svg or ps, but 
would be happy with png or jpeg.

I am wondering if there is a setting I've missed that will let me use pm3d with 
file types like png or jpeg?  I suspect gset palette may have an option I need, 
but haven't yet discovered.

The code I am using is similar to:

gset hidden3d;
gset data style lines;
gset surface;
gset nocontour;
gset noparametric;
gset nologscale;

gset pm3d map;
gset palette color;
gset size ratio 2;
gset noxtics;
gset noytics;
gset nokey;
gset cbrange [0.15:0.45];
gsplot (rot90(im, 1));

(it is based on code that was posted to this list about a year ago)

Thanks again,

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