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[Fwd: Re: Patch for autoload fixes [Was: lookfor: Texinfo formatting fil

From: David Bateman
Subject: [Fwd: Re: Patch for autoload fixes [Was: lookfor: Texinfo formatting filter exited abnormally]]
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 09:51:24 +0100
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--- Begin Message --- Subject: Re: Patch for autoload fixes [Was: lookfor: Texinfo formatting filter exited abnormally] Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 21:44:36 -0000 User-agent: Mozilla Thunderbird 0.8 (X11/20040923)

David Bateman wrote:

> Keith,
> I'm not sure why texinfo is returning an error, but the fact that
> cumsum is not found is that lookfor at the moment only looks for the
> string in the first sentence or body of the help and not the function
> name. As I was last night looking at dealing with the simple_help,
> line completion and lookfor issues of autoloaded functions, I actually
> fixed the issue that cumsum isn't found with the attached patch. It
> doesn't address the
> texinfo issue as I don't see it and don't understand why you got this
> issue.
> Regards
> David
Ok, I also just noticed that help from oct-files weren't being properly
searched by lookfor. Here is an updated patched...


2006-01-11  David Bateman  <address@hidden>

    * (make_name_list): Add autoload functions to list of available
    (simple_help): Add autoloaded functions to functions listed
     (first_help_sentence): Avoid issue with single line help string
    that is not terminated in \n.
   (Flookfor): Check for string match in the keyword/function, etc name.
    Also use look for string match in help of autoloaded functions.
    Load oct-files to be able to access their help string.
    * parse.y (string_vector autoloaded_functions (void)): New function
    to list all autloaded functions.
    (string_vector reverse_lookup_autoload (const std::string& nm)):
    Reverse lookup function to match file to autoloaded functions.
    * parse.h (autoloaded_functions, reverse_lookup_autoload): Declaration.

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