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Unwanted postscript & pdf plots

From: Neil.Francis
Subject: Unwanted postscript & pdf plots
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 16:15:03 +0800


I'm using Octave 2.1.53, the fink binary version for OS X.

I ssh to the machine that has Octave installed, so have only a
text-based terminal emulator interface to it.

When I want to create figures I would like Octave to write the figures
to files.  I use code like:

gset terminal dumb
gset output "/dev/null"

semilogx (x, y, "r")
hold on
semilogx (x, z, "g")
hold off

gset terminal postscript
gset output ""

But when I open up the resulting postscript files I find two identical
figures (the figures are correct, with both y and z plotted against x).
I expected to see only one figure in the postscript file, and this is
what I get if I ask Octave to plot to a png file.

Am I doing something wrong?  I get the same result if I use terminal
type pdf.  I've heard that gnuplot postscript and Octave interact in
unexpected ways, and that is why it is best to change terminal type to
postscript and then replot only when the figure is finished - but that
doesn't seem to help here.


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