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Re: 2.9.4 speed

From: Shai Ayal
Subject: Re: 2.9.4 speed
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 20:27:45 +0200
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David Bateman wrote:
Shai Ayal wrote:

Hi all,

With all your help I was able to install 2.9.4, using Quentin's SRPMS for
ufsparse and glpk and applying a patch to the makefile as detailed in a
previous email to the list by Ismail.

I am testing it against 2.1.72. both versions were configured with the same
options and use the same blas/atlas/fftw and compilers.

I have a some code which constructs a 201^2x201^2 sparse matrix and inverts
it. While the inversion speed is comparable for both versions, The part
which constructs the I,J,S vectors which I later turn into the sparse
matrix by s=sparse(I,J,S) takes almost twice as much time in 2.9.4 (12
seconds compared to 6 seconds). This part has a lot of loops, vector
concatenations etc...

Does this sound familiar to anyone, or should I investigate further?

A little bit more break-down in where the slow-up is happening would help...

I take that to mean that I should investigate further :)

tomorrow than...


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