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structures Matlab - Octave

From: Michael Schmid
Subject: structures Matlab - Octave
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 18:23:07 +0100
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there are some differences between Matlab and Octave in the structure data type.

 type = subscripts(1).type;
 subs = subscripts(1).subs;
 subscripts(1) = [];                ==> this is in Octave not possible

so i wrote:

 subscripts(1).type = [];
 subscripts(1).subs = [];

but it doesn't seem to be the same...

Matlab type definition:
>> a(1) = []

a =

1x0 struct array with fields:

Octave type definition:
*** local user variables:
 Prot Name                       Size                     Bytes  Class
 ==== ====                       ====                     =====  =====
  rw- __nargin__                 1x1                          8  scalar
rwd a 1x1 0 struct ==> it's not 1x0 it's 1x1 this causes an error...
  rwd gnuplot_has_multiplot      1x1                          8  scalar
  rwd o                          1x1                          3  struct
  rwd subs                       1x5                          5  sq_string
  rwd v                          1x3                          3  sq_string

Is it possible to define a structure in Octave which size(a) returns [1 0 ] ?

thanks for any help...


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