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Re: question about multiple plots

From: Joe Koski
Subject: Re: question about multiple plots
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 14:34:59 -0700
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on 12/23/05 9:05 AM, James R. Phillips at address@hidden wrote:

> --- Steven Thijs wrote:
>> Hi Ronald,
>> When I first plot something, then type figure, and then plot another
>> thing,
>> no new plot is generated, in fact, the new data is not plotted at all.
>> When I look in the gnuplot window, I get the message:
>> Set term X11 1
>> Unknown or ambiguous terminal type;...
>> When I look in the manual, I find:
>> 16.6 Multiple Plot Windows
>> Figure (n) Function File
>> Set the current plot window to plot window n. This function currently
>> requires X11 and a version of gnuplot that supports multiple frames.
>> My gnuplot version support multiple frames,
>> but I'm not sure about the X11 thing. Isn't this something unix or linux
>> related?
>> I'm running octave on Windows XP...
>> Thanks a lot for the help, and happy holidays!
>> Steven
> Please tell us about your octave installation.  Are you using the current
> version from cygwin, or some other version?  Also, what version of gnuplot are
> you using - native windows version or X11 version from cygwin?
> The native windows gnuplot application does not support multiple plot windows
> open, so that may be your problem.
> jrp


You should be able to do a new figure after each call to figure(n). If you
reuse the same n, the old figure will be overwritten, while if you change n,
you should be able to have multiple frames open simultaneously.

One other thing. Unlike MATLAB, the octave plot command follows after most
of the setup commands such as axis, title, etc. The exceptions are print and
legend from octave-forge. Modifying a MATLAB file usually involves moving
plot to later in the command sequence.


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