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Re: function names

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: function names
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 10:15:19 +0100
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address@hidden wrote:

I tried yesterday evening to define a function
called "minmax"

function pr = minmax(p)

pr = p;


but Octave doesn't accept this name.

function pr = min_max(p) was ok.

Why that? This should be a new function, not interpreting the min function...

Octave Version 2.9.3 on cygwin

Thanks for any answers

Ok, this is a little octave stupidity and one that John has recently mentioned he wants to remove. The min and max functions are all in a single oct-file called minmax.oct and the min, max functions are both symbolic links to this one file. It would have been better that minmax.oct was called max.oct and min.oct was a symbolic link to max.oct. The problem is as you've found if you name a function minmax octave find the file minmax.oct and then can't use your function... The workaround is as you said, don't use the function name minmax....


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