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Re: matching command

From: William Poetra Yoga Hadisoeseno
Subject: Re: matching command
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 08:25:37 +0800

On 12/16/05, Mike Miller <address@hidden> wrote:
> I think we should strive for "unidirectional compatibility" such that
> Octave can run *any* MATLAB code (rendering MATLAB unnecessary) but MATLAB
> might not be able to run all Octave code.  This allows us to have both
> compatibility and superiority.

Yes, this is nice :)

But IMO someone should clean up the functions so that when
`warn_matlab_incompatible' is true, Octave should be fully compatible
with Matlab as much as possible (well, at least function names must be
allowed to start with an underscore, in contrast to Matlab). I was
confused when my homework generates errors on my friend's PC (was the
plot incompatibility).

William Poetra Yoga Hadisoeseno

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