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Re: cygwin g++ version story?

From: Shai Ayal
Subject: Re: cygwin g++ version story?
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 20:16:59 +0200
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Brian Blais wrote:

> The fltk package that comes
with cygwin is compiled with 3.4, so I have to compile my own fltk. As far as
end-users, this puts another barrier to the use of octave in Windows.

I do not think you have to compile your own fltk. I have gcc-3.3.3 and fltk 1.1.4 installed on cygwin. both are binaries installed using the cygwin installer - I did not compile anything from source. I have no problem with the fltk package -- octplot is compiled using g++-3.3.3 and linked against fltk and works without problem.

I do agree that it is very annoying that the cygwin installer tries to upgrade gcc every time. Well, you know, it's just one more of the many little annoyances we have to endure in this life ...


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