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Re: cygwin g++ version story?

From: Brian Blais
Subject: Re: cygwin g++ version story?
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 10:44:34 -0500
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James R. Phillips wrote:

The bottom line is that the 3.4.4 compiler is simply not capable of producing a
working version of octave.

ok, this is what I thought.

Without wishing to appear irritable, I must point out that you too can search
the mailing lists, rather than plaintively call out for someone to do that for

yes, I did search the mailing list, but there seemed to be several mixed threads concerning cygwin and gcc version, some of which seemed to suggest that it was a performance hit, and others that you just couldn't do it. I wasn't completely clear on what the bottom line was.




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