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Re: how to avoid plot legend

From: James R. Phillips
Subject: Re: how to avoid plot legend
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 12:36:21 -0800 (PST)

--- "John W. Eaton"  wrote:

> If you like gnuplot, then I think the best thing is to use it
> directly, by writing out data files and then using gnuplot to plot the
> files.  I do this all the time, usually in combination with Make.
> That way, the computations (done with Octave) are separated from
> plotting (with gnuplot).   If a .m file changes, I generate new data.
> If a .gp file changes, I generate a new plot, but I don't have to
> perform the computations again just because a plot label changes.  I
> find this works well.  For interactive use, I may make simple plots
> from Octave, but I don't need all the control over line widths and
> labels that gnuplot allows.  YMMV.

This is an interesting approach that I will pursue in the near future.  I am
very enthusiastic about the use of make with octave, which is why I submitted
make.m to sources at octave dot org.  I will be interested to learn how to
extend this approach for direct use with gnuplot.


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