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Re: printing plots

From: John Mark BEAUMONT
Subject: Re: printing plots
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 13:21:23 +0000
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Hi Steve,
        That's he best suggestion I've had so far,

and has gone someway to confirming my suspicions ...

That Octave/Gnuplot does not really support printing to paper.

Cheers Mark_B

Steve C. Thompson wrote:
Hi John,

On 05 Dec 05 11:07AM, John Mark BEAUMONT wrote:

How do I get a paper printout from Octave/gnuplot?

To add some ideas ...

The way I use Octave for plotting is as follows:

  1) Save data in a plain text file
tmp = [x, y];
       save -text 'data' tmp

  2) Use gnuplot to plot the data and save the output as a LaTeX

       set term pslatex monochrome dashed rotate 8

  3) Then input the LaTeX file into my main LaTeX source

This system works well for me.  It is a bit involved but
generates nice results.

Good luck!


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