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Re: spmax(spmin) and max(min)

From: Evan Monroig
Subject: Re: spmax(spmin) and max(min)
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2005 22:06:27 +0900

On 12/3/05, Robert A. Macy <address@hidden> wrote:
> typing...
> >> help max
> or...
> >> max()
> or...
> >> max
> ...will all get you the help printout at the top of max's
> function description.
> I have no spmax.  What does (or should) it do?

Same here. I don't have it in my octave, but it appears in the
documentation (it is like max(), but for sparse matrices)

Do we need a special version of octave to have access to these functions?


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