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Using automatic form of...gset xrange [-10:10]

From: Robert A. .Macy
Subject: Using automatic form of...gset xrange [-10:10]
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 21:33:22 -0800

I need to automatically set the xrange and yrange for a
series of plots.

For example, if I use... 

gset xrange [-1:1];
gset yrange [0:2];
plot(variable(:,1);hold on;
for i=1:10
hold off;

I get EXACTLY what a want ...animation.

However, I can't seem to make this automatic.

If I set,


then use...

gset yrange [var2:var1];

the plot doesn't accept the values.  

I get an error message from gnuplot...
gnuplot> set yrange [var2:var1]
         undefined variable: var2

I've been setting the ranges manually for days now.  There
must be a better way.  

How do I automatically set the ranges based upon the
minimum and maximum values I'll encounter?

             - Robert -

PS  running octave-2.1.50a-inst.exe on Windows 98

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