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plplot installation.

From: Peter Jensen
Subject: plplot installation.
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 21:52:06 +0000
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I have recently installed Debian sarge on my PC at home. Its great.....
I managed to install most of my favorite software, including
version 2.1.60-1 of octave and version 4.0.0-2 of gnuplot,
using the excellent package manager.

However I encountered a problem with the installation of plplot.
The version of plplot I tried to install was 5.3.1-1 i.e the
version belonging to sarge.

I got the following error message.

octave:3> plinit
error: API version api-v8 found in .oct file function `plplot_octave'
      does not match the running Octave (API version api-v11)
      this can lead to incorrect results or other failures
      you can fix this problem by recompiling this .oct file
error: failed to install dld function `plplot_octave'
error: `plplot_octave' undefined near line 1703 column 1
error: called from `plinit'

For the sarge release it looks to me like the version of
plplot is out of sync with octave.

Any comments.


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