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Compilation 2.1.64 on mac osX(was: DOCSTRINGS up to date)

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Compilation 2.1.64 on mac osX(was: DOCSTRINGS up to date)
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 13:46:01 -0500

On 22-Dec-2004, Samir Sharshar <address@hidden> wrote:

| Thanks for you help all of you. All your advises were very helpful to 
| me and I think I've a better understanding of the compilation process 
| and its caveats and traps...
| The DOCSTRINGS error is mainly due to the options passed to the 
| compiler. I use a 10.3.7 OS X, XCode 1.5 (with november 2004 update) 
| and gcc 3.3.x build 1671.
| Well the default gcc options given by the configure script build 2.1.64 
| without errors... but poor perfs.

Compared to what, or for what types of operations do you see bad

If it is linear algebra, then are you using the reference BLAS and
LAPACK libraries?  If so, no compiler options are likely to give
performance that is comparable to what you might see with ATLAS or
some other tuned linear algebra package.


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