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Source of <butter.m>?

From: edA-qa mort-ora-y
Subject: Source of <butter.m>?
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 15:59:12 +0100
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A little bit off-topic but: Can anybody here direct me to a good book or tutorial that would be able to recreate the "butter" function from scratch?

I've implemented an IIR filter to use the result of these Butterworth values, but I'd ideally like to have the calculation directly in the program (it is C++) -- also just for the purpose of knowing myself I want to learn it.

P.S. I've already gone through several DSP references and have a good idea on how to analyze filters, how to use the H(s) /z-transform, but I'm just getting confused trying to pull it all together into producing usable IIR filters... :(

edA-qa mort-ora-y
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